»This is Sandbox« is a live coding environment to teach programming to groups of students in a cooperative way.

Try some code
The code editor is where every student can write and learn to code on their own machine. It is easily accessible on a website and provides live editing capabilities next to the executing program. Open Editor
The language and API are similar to Processing and Javascript. Every edit gets executed immediately. A 200 pixel square canvas right to the editor shows the program.
While every student writes code on their own, a permanent presentation of each student's graphical program is projected in the classroom. All programs interact in a physical way,
bouncing off each other. Seeing what other students are creating encourages communication. Ideas and techniques on how to solve problems are exchanged with others in the class.
The reference manual is grouped into three categories: novice, intermediate and all. This allows to teach concept and language syntax without teaching an API. Students are enabled to look up commands by themselves at any Open Reference
time without having to memorize. The grouping helps to only show commands for which concepts have already been established. For example, novice commands can be used without knowledge of variables.